The Artist as a Young Mutant

The Artist as a Young Mutant
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mutant

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Smoking Holes

Here's some rough sketch ideas I had for what would become the illustrated header for the "Smoking Holes That Were Once My Eyes..." blog--

 I liked this one, particularly...

 I did a tighter penciled version,  but some things were "off" about it, so I started again from scratch

 This version, below, was nearly the final one, but I wasn't happy with the glasses; they were in the way, and I screwd them up a bit while inking them. Now, if this was a paying gig for someone else, I would've found a solution with the glasses... but for this, I decided to skip 'em. I put the drawing, and the launch of the blog itself, on the back burner for awhile.

Here's the finished version, in black & white. It made sense to go simpler and even more cartoony. The hands are a bit funky, but are adequate for this. I was eager to color it.

The finished piece, colored in Photoshop--

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