The Artist as a Young Mutant

The Artist as a Young Mutant
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mutant

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Renovating the Castle

When I wanted to use this 2004 pen & ink/brush drawing I made of director William Castle (from the intro to The Tingler (1959)) to help kick off my "Smoking Holes..." blog earlier this week, I took another look at a screen shot from the film, and noticed that I'd originally gotten a few details of his face and head slightly wrong.

Overall, it looks like him, but just a bit "off"... so I got out my Ugee pad and stylus, and digitally re-drew his brows, nose and chin... touched-up his hair, mouth and ears... and corrected an odd taper I gave his skull just above his ears. I also fixed the weird angular shoulders I had previously given him, and improved the neck shadow. Finally, I made the three separate dialogue balloons into one contiguous balloon, and added a light grey tone to the background, to make him pop out more.

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