The Artist as a Young Mutant

The Artist as a Young Mutant
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mutant

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I've Got You Covered!

A handy bit of lettering and cover art for Cartoon Loonacy, a cartoonist's APA which I belong to, which currently boasts such amazing talents as Hilary Barta, Jim Siergey, Brian Buniak, Gary Fields, George Erling, Russ Maheras, Bob Vojtko, Darren Auck, Michael Kraiger, Delaine Derry Green, Yul Tolbert, Mark Campos and Tom DeSieno.

For this piece, a spoofy homage to the old Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, I inked with a typical combination of watercolor brush, dip pen, and some rapidograph on 2-ply cold finish Bristol board. The rest of the lettering and the color were done on the computer, using Photoshop.

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